Project Inspection



Industrial projects: Includes carry out all studies and activities for the inspection of industrial projects in the fields of human and veterinary medicines, food supplements, medical supplies, cosmetics, disinfectants, detergents, air fresheners, food, children’s food, athletes, medical food and other pharmaceutical, health and medical products.
It also includes the issuance of official letters for inspection process with attached list of all non-conformity issues together with an official letter for compliance/non-compliance of the manufacturing facility to GMP requirements.

Field of work:

The field of inspection in industrial projects includes five main stages:

The first stage: Review of the preliminary designs and the report of the foundations of the design – preparation / review of the final drawings

Phase 2: Review of environmental studies as well as studies of occupational safety and health

Phase 3: Review of the stages of implementation of the industrial projects as well as the supervision / review of the quality system according to GMP requirements as well as the standards adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as the recommendations of the ICH

Phase 4:  Audit for obtaining the necessary licenses to start the operation

Phase 5: Review during operation to maintain the quality system achieved for the project and products.


All of these activities are inspected by the different technical departments in addition to Quality assurance department.

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